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Fancy Guppies and Endlers at Edenzone Pets

Quality Pets, Affordable Prices!

Edenzone Pets and Supplies carries a large variety of Fancy Guppies.

Some of the Fancy guppy colors sold at Edenzone Pets and supplies are :

Blue River Delta, green dragon , lavender , Endler Livebearers, red dragon, yellow tiger and blue snakeskin guppies are available.

If you’re interested in fancy guppies. Consider joining our email list with the form below. Joining our email list will assure you know exactly which fry we have on hand. We’re making reservations for future batches of fry. You will get an email when they’re ready.

Red Dragon Guppies

Red Dragon fancy guppies pair available for shipping.

Green Dragon Guppies

Red Flame Guppies

Guppy Poecilia reticulata colorful rainbow tropical aquarium fish

Red Tuxedo Guppy

Yellow Tiger Guppies

Blue Delta Guppies

Blue Snakeskin Guppies

Black Bar Endlers Livebearers


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