Now available: 51 years of Mother Earth News at your fingertips!

Archive Updated with 2020 Mother Earth News Content NOW AVAILABLE!

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Since our first issue back in 1970 right up through today, Mother Earth News has featured advice for wiser living. We’ve published great project ideas for DIY solar collectors, tips for gardening and raising livestock, the best ideas for creating a greener home, wacky ideas for personal transportation, creative recipes, and much more!

Many of our longtime readers speak of their head-high stacks of old copies they keep handy, corners tattered and worn from hours of thumbing through. In fact, we routinely receive correspondence from folks who brag of owning the Mother Earth News archives, typically stored in a massive trunk somewhere. You might be one of them. Well, now you can get all of the information published from 1970 through 2020, including hundreds of do-it-yourself plans and projects, right at your fingertips for less than a penny per article! Plus, no internet connection is needed.**

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Offer ends July 25, 2021

The archive content is available on USB flash drives. Increasingly, computers and laptops are sold without DVD drives but with USB ports. With the archive available on a USB flash drive, you can upload and access Mother Earth News articles without needing an external DVD drive. Note: Some tablets and mobile devices are equipped with USB ports, allowing access to archive content without having to first upload the flash drive’s content to a computer.

The Multiplatform Edition Archive makes the magazine content available not just on desktop and laptop computers, but also via smartphones and multitudes of portable reading devices. It contains files for each year of the magazine in a format that can be transferred for viewing and searching on multiple devices. The content can only be viewed and searched year by year.

The updated Classic Edition Archive provides a browser-based interface for accessing the archive on your desktop computer or laptop. You can do advanced searches and view content from the entire 51-year archive, all at once!


Years of


… including:

Build a natural swimming pool
Homemade mosquito repellent
Build a backyard grill/smoker
Solar cabin in two weeks
Tips to strengthen your immune system
Six natural allergy remedies
Natural flea control for livestock
DIY tomato cages
Raising guinea fowl
Shade-tolerant vegetables
How to make hard cider
Chicken starter kit
Guide to edible wild plants
Homemade wine recipe
Garden shed plans

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