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If you have been wondering if the off-grid lifestyle is for you, or want to make the leap but don’t know where to start, then the Living Off the Grid Set is the perfect resource for you! This set includes Gary Collins’ book Living Off the Grid as well as the companion piece he wrote to accompany it, The Beginner’s Guide to Living Off the Grid: The DIY Workbook for Living the Life You Want.

In Living Off the Grid, Collins talks you through the different options that come with the lifestyle, and he provides tips and advice to make the transition easier for you. You’ll gain insight on what it actually means to live off the grid, what the essentials are, what might be stopping you from making the leap, and more. There’s even a chapter in which he admits some of his biggest mistakes, so you don’t have to make them!

The Beginner’s Guide to Living Off the Grid offers you the chance to put your newfound knowledge to the test. In each chapter, Collins guides you through the beginning stages of transitioning to a life off-grid. He leads you step by step into topics that include becoming debt-free, finding the perfect property, determining your energy usage, and more.

Whether you’re completely on board or still thinking about moving off the grid, these resources will help you further your knowledge and live a simpler life.

Order now and SAVE!
This promotion is only valid through July 22, 2021, and does not apply to items listed at clearance or otherwise previously discounted prices. Purchase online, or call 800-234-3368 and give your customer service representative the discount code MMEEML7A. Prices on order page reflect discount and do not include shipping and handling.

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