Quaker parrot/Monk Parakeet at Edenzone!

Quaker Parrots/Monk Parakeet at Edenzone. Our handed Quakers are hand tamed for their new homes. We have seasonal breeding during warmer months.

Call Felicia at 3347072059. Handfed Quakers 400.00

Sign up below and we will let you know when Quaker Parrots/Monk Parakeet are ready.

Stock photo!! However we do have 3 babies ready for a new home.
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Quaker Parrots are usually friendly and funny birds. They are hardy, and they do well with active families. They love to play. Quakers are excellent starter Parrots.

Quakers can become noisy, especially when agitated or scared. Some people consider this nouse as nuisance. You have to decide if your want a loud bird. Quakers dont stay up all night with noise. How ever during the day they’re very vocal! The laugh, mumble, say words and talk! If you are interested in a Quaker parrot visit our website to get a handfed, tamed, banded and DNA sexed Quaker. They’re 400.00.


Quakers live 15 years, so make sure you will have time for this pet. Pet birds have long life spans. Proper hand training will guarantee those years are “happy” years for both the bird and owner.


Birds (any pet bird) need about 1 hour a day of being out the cage and bonding with their owner. This cuts down on all sorts of problems. A bird without activities, a loving owner, and toys can become frustrated and lonely. When they’re lonely and bored, they become fussy, destructive and noisy. That’s why we hand train them before they go. This way the birds are enjoyable babies, running around mimicking sounds.

The mother is yellowish green, the father is traditional wild type green.

My quakers haven’t said much. But, they sit back and laugh( just like me ) all the time. And, I have caught them calling “Willie” ( my sweetheart) when they think no one is home. Lol it’s absolutely adorable.


We also have bird cages for sale at our store.

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